New!  Divider Trays/Divider Totes
Insertable dividers separate and protect parts during shipments. Divider trays and totes are available in ABS/TPU, ESD, Poly-X, TriPly and standard HDPE plastic materials.
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New!  Poly-X 5X Extruded Polypropylene Foam Sheets
Poly-X is an extruded polypropylene foam, expanded 5 times, with closed cells and a smooth surface. It is a perfect material for protecting parts from abrasion damage.
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New!  TriPly/Cover-Tec
Our new laminated TriPly/Cover-Tec features 3 different coatings to handle almost any application: Soft/Smooth, Non-Slip and Textured/Colored.
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Sleeve Pack Forklift Crash Test

Robotics OnlineExtreme sleeve pack side load impact crash test

The sleeve pack was set against a wall and a fork lift was driven into the side of the unit.
Because of the huge force the lid pops off and the sleeve is crunched inward. The pallet and the lid are undamaged but the sleeve is deformed....

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Robotics OnlineBeyond the Bowl

Trays are one option for feeding fragile parts in automated assembly systems

Vibratory bowls have long been the method of choice for feeding parts in high-speed automated assembly systems. But, they're not appropriate for every application. Screws, caps, clips and other durable parts can bounce around in vibratory bowls with little damage. Fragile components, such as painted parts, clear plastic lenses and connectors with delicate leads, may not be so lucky....


ESD, ABS/TPU, Special Materials
Sohner Plastics uses a variety of materials to help protect your products against damage from electrostatic discharge, plastic shavings or for other situations during shipping and handling.
Special Materials

Precision Plastic Trays and Containers
These stackable trays and containers are designed to hold parts in place via specially engineered pockets.
Box Stacking Trays
Reverse Stacking Trays
Mega-Pack/Sleeve Pack Reusable Shipping Containers
Economical Mega-Pack shipping containers are the ideal modular shipping system.
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